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numero tres...

Nov. 28th, 2005 | 07:15 pm
mood: accomplished accomplished

got my third acceptance letter today. this one was for...the mother effing university of wisconsin! im so excited and yet so depressed as well, because i know i probably wont go there because it will cost me my first born. actually, if that was the price id go there, but its a bit steeper than that. oh well, at least now if i end up going to alabama ill know i got in some place good.

people are being shady as hell lately and i dont appreciate it that much. christ, how lame is it to go behind someones back to do something when a simple honest answer would save you a lot of trouble? some people...

senior miss auditions tomorrow, woot. umm considering i learned my song this weekend, i dont feel super great about it, but whatever. hopefully ill at least get to be in it. anyone who's auditioning: are you going home and then coming back to school before your time or just waiting after school until you go?

blah, homework time. only 9 more days of school though, hooray!

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Nov. 5th, 2005 | 12:36 am
mood: giddy giddy
music: Elton!

oh my god, elton john kicks so much ass. the concert was amazing. he played a 2 and half hour set, only to come out and do 2 encoures. his very last song was "your song" the one i wanted so badly for him to play, so that was totally amazing. so were crocodile rock, tiny dancer, rocket man, bennie and the jets...oh jeez, it was all just too incredible. before that we all went to bb kings for dinner and they had a good band playing too. i was kind of apprehensive about going out with jed and lindsey, but it was actually a really fun time.

so tomorrow: finally shopping with my mom in the morning, then doing 6 freaking hours of community service. sunday: nhs community service for 2 hours and then show choir. plus homework on both days. damnit, this does not look like a fun weekend.

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Nov. 2nd, 2005 | 03:27 pm

Heyyy, new lj format, neat. i am le tired and i dont know why. i fell asleep at like, 9 last night and woke up at 6. i think i have mono. lol, el mono. the monkey. i think i have the monkey.

i need to memorize english better today, the questions today sucked a little. and i think i sucked it up on the stat test too. crap, school.

im pretty devestated. the spider that lived outside our door is gone. it was this huge black and yellow spider that my mom named midget, and it had a giant web, and today i went to find it, and POOF! gone. just goes to show you, you sure cant trust spiders.

omg, im so excited!! elton john on friday. its gonna be so great and everything will be happy and sparkly!! i hope he plays your song. not your song but like, "your song".

my mumsy and i are going shopping today for picture clothes, so that should be good fun. i kind of miss the old mall, i havent been there in a really long time. the new one is so lovely to walk around on a nice day though.

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(no subject)

Oct. 22nd, 2005 | 11:44 pm
mood: nostalgic nostalgic
music: "Broadway Baby"

well the dessert show was awesome. i really glad that my last one was the best. for those of you that came to see us, thank you so much! its so much more fun to perform for people you know! i hope you all enjoyed it. for those of you that didnt...well, you missed out.

after the show we went to chiles, which, despite awful service, was a really fun time. i love those choir kids.

i start thinking illogically when im tired. everything seems magnified, so like, if someone is the slightest bit irritating it seems collosal. im pretty sure thats whats going on right now, im just tired.

something else awesome: my mom won the movin out tickets in the silent auction, so im really stoked to see that. man, the end of october until like, january is filled with good stuff. m-rays birthday, rhps, TRAFFIC SCHOOL!!, ut-memphis game, movin out, and then its thanksgiving already! then choir gets crazy busy with dickens stuff, but im soo looking forward to that. i hope we start that music soon.

also, i got my acceptance letter to minnesota on friday, along with the musically inclined thing, so everything seems to be going my way right now. knock on wood.

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(no subject)

Oct. 14th, 2005 | 10:12 pm
mood: tired tired

i remembered why i havent been to a football game in 3 years: they arent very fun. the highlight was the band's half-time show. and bentley being marvin the mustang. the actual game though, not so much.

who's psyched about waking up at 4 to drive to alabama? this girl right here.

i need something to look forward to. i guess there's halloween with rhps, but that seems pretty far. anything fun coming up in the very near future?

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(no subject)

Oct. 13th, 2005 | 09:36 pm
mood: hyper hyper
music: "Hallelujah"- Rufus Wainwright

blah, blah, blah. i'm happy today. yipee, hooray. actually, its more like delusional or something, i dont know. oh man, show choir is so famous! we got to be on the news today and miss half a day of school. the court thing wasnt so bad, i have to do that first offenders crap, but bentley and i will have a traffic school date. i am so excited!

the one football game i was going to go to, i wont be in town for. my dad and i are going to alabama to check out the school, see if its worth paying nothing for.

i need to start a real journal again. i just have too much going on in my head and it makes me crazy and want to run into walls. but at the same time, i hate writing stuff in a journal because i always feel like its too "dear diary, today..." but whatever. maybe ill do it anyway.

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(no subject)

Oct. 10th, 2005 | 08:17 pm
mood: jittery jittery
music: Victor's Piano Solo- Corpse Bride Soundtrack

dang, it's been so long since i've updated. understandable though, nothing has really happened.

lets just start with fall break.

went to knoxville to some ut thing, which was pretty fun, there were like a million people there. for some reason though, ut always makes me feel really weird, like i dont belong there at all. not the people or anything, just the whole environment.

got my hair cut. shorter than i wanted it, but sometimes i like it a lot. sometimes not so much. got some dark red in it too.

then was cranium/rocky horror night, which was a lot of fun. cool group of people, too. caramel apple soda is some weird stuff though, i'll warn you.

went to the lake for a few days, which was relaxing. it kinda sucks that its cold though, so you cant do anything in the water, but i got a bunch of reading done in the hammock.

and now im here, waiting to do something, but passing time working on my geography project, yay.

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(no subject)

Sep. 21st, 2005 | 09:19 pm

LJ Interests meme results

  1. ben folds:
    Wow. One of the most amazing musicians EVER. I'm so freaking excited about seeing him in November.
  2. cooking:
    What can I say, I'm a regular Emeril. I love making dinner for people. Not like, spaghetti, I'm talking full-out multi-course meals.
  3. green:
    Easy. My favorite color. It's the quirky color.
  4. i love the 80's:
    The show which continues to reprise itself. The 80's was hot stuff, and I'm sad I only got 2 years of it. Who's ready for I love the 80's 3-d??
  5. lily of the valley:
    My favorite flower scent. I have no idea why, but it reminds me of my house in Minnesota.
  6. purple ink:
    It's just fun. Have you ever noticed how a good pen just makes doing school work more enjoyable? It really does.
  7. salsa:
    Not the food, the dance. It's seriously one of the most fun things I've ever done. Andy, we're so going to one of those places they talked about last year.
  8. sewing:
    I like making stuff at my own pace, and the projects don't have to consume my whole life. I love fabric shopping and then seeing the final results. It's just a fun hobby.
  9. stenciling:
    Stenciling relaxes me. It's just something mindless to do while watching TV or when a creative mood strikes. Plus, it's a guaranteed way to have original clothing!
  10. the shins:
    One of my favorite bands. Generally I listen to them if I'm feeling a little down or if I just want to chill. They're definitley one of the most relaxed sounds out there. I didn't start listening to them until I heard them in Garden State.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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(no subject)

Sep. 9th, 2005 | 11:02 pm
mood: tired tired
music: "Where Soul Meets Body"- Death Cab

FINALLY! the week is over. but i still feel sick. such an inopportune time since sc has a performance tomorrow (1:45 Germantown Festival) and my voice is giving out. along with which comes a nasty cough and lots of snot. sorry, thats not cute.
and my lips hurt real bad. theyre chapped.

wow, i just had one of those freak-out moments where you cant remember what day it is or what tomorrow will be, so i couldnt figure out that it was saturday and i was all "woah, i need to be asleep" but then i remembered.

i got a really comfy pair of pants today at delias, but for some reason they make me feel like a hippy. i also got a shirt that looks like a little boys. those are the best kind.

so has anyone else realized how completely inept ms birge is? honestly, why do they pay that woman?? i gave her my stuff for minnesota weeks ago and its still not done. ok, they start reviewing applications NEXT WEEK, and id like to have mine in by then. its a simple form with boxes for my gpa and rank and counsler signature. thats it. apparently the 2 seconds that would take to complete are just to precious for her to spare. GEEZ!! i did, however, get my alabama stuff completed, essay and all, and sent today. that makes me feel a slight bit better, even though im sure the transcripts wont be sent for another few months.

tonight was fun. i finally went to cheeburger, cheeburger and it was delicious, then bought the rocky horror soundtrack, and watched starsky and hutch. man, good start to the weekend.

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(no subject)

Aug. 31st, 2005 | 08:26 pm
mood: amused amused

I don't know where this originated, but I read it and actually laughed out loud. Liberals, my loves.

"Dear Red States,
We're ticked off at the way you've treated California and we've decided we're leaving. We intend to form our own country and we're taking the other Blue States with us. In case you aren't aware that includes Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and all the Northeast. We believe this split will be beneficial to the nation and especially to the people of the new country of New California.
To sum up briefly: You get Texas, Oklahoma and all the slave states. We get stem cell research and the best beaches. We get Elliot Spitzer. You get Ken Lay. We get the Statue of Liberty. You get OpryLand. We get Intel and Microsoft. You get WorldCom. We get Harvard. You get Ole' Miss. We get 85 percent of America's venture capital and entrepreneurs. You get Alabama. We get two-thirds of the tax revenue. You get to make the red states pay their fair share. Since our aggregate divorce rate is 22 percent lower than the Christian Coalition's we get a bunch of happy families. You get a bunch of single moms."

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